Wide gamut color in CSS

This is half a blog post and half a demo, just because I thought it was so cool.

Inspired by this blog post about wide gamut color over on the webkit webpage, I felt a need to illustrate the difference between the maxed out colors even better than that article did. If you want to learn how to make use of wide gamut color yourself it is a good and interesting read.

Note that you need a browser that supports this color mode (like Safari) and of course a display that also supports this wide color range (like a recent MacBook Pro).

Anyway, here is the comparison!

RGB vs Display-P3

It is so crazy to me that the colors on the left, the maxed out RGB colors, looks almost a bit pale in comparison the the super strong P3 colors on the right.

Makes me excited to see what further progress will come in the future in regards to displays and color!